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The Give Back to the Children Project is dedicated to creating and maintaining modern educational facilities for children in our local communities and also in developing countries with a focus on personalized and individual instruction in order to broaden and increase awareness of opportunity and knowledge.

 The purpose is to provide the tools to these children so that they may gain access to and comprehend the information regarding present issues and to subsequently encourage active participation in their communities and in the world.  

Attention is directed at computer proficiency, English literacy, and Stem technology through a variety of projects intended to achieve the ultimate goal of supporting the empowerment of youth in our local communities in the United States, and also in developing countries over their own lives and in assistance to those in their community.

Access to such tools and information should not be viewed as a luxury. This is the manner in which the world communicates and everyone is entitled to the ability to be involved. This project provides the possibility to give back to others the opportunities you were fortunate to receive.


We Need Your Help

Most of us cannot understand how little the teachers in our community school  have to work with. 
For example: in many classrooms, there are no enough school suplies for students!
With this in mind, we are asking for donations of almost anything education related.
Our top goal is computer literacy, but even your donations of the most normal seeming everyday classroom supplies will be treasured.



Please Donate:

1. Pens, pencils, markers, paints, chalk, crayons

2. Writing and computer paper, colored paper, tagboard 

3. Children's books, text books, books of all kinds

4. School backpacks & lunch boxes

5. Old computers, monitors, laptops, printers

6. Old computer software, manuals, tutorials

7. Misc computer cords, adapters, accessories, supplies

8. Old radios, games, electronics, pc games

9. Your tax deductible  contributions  by credit or debit card, or check



Pickup of Donations: We can arrange to pickup donations in the greater Los Angeles Area.
Teachers : We will take anything you have when you're clearing out your classroom!

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Thank You So Much For Your Help!

Your contribution will make a real difference
in the life of a child you will never know.

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Give Back To The Children Project Is Helping To Provide Education For The Children Of Sierra Leone

Please Help Us By Making 
A Tax Deductible Donation 
To The Children Of Sierra Leone
Even a small donation goes a very long way!

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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

- Nelson Mandela