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Give Back to the Children Project
Is Helping to Provide Education
For the Children Of Sierra Leone


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Sierra Leone is a beautiful English speaking country of almost 6 million people, on the tropical west coast of Africa.
From the mountains to the beautiful beaches, it is rich in mineral natural resources- including diamonds.


Sadly, it is also one of the world's most troubled nations.

location of Sierra Leone in Africa

From 1991–2002 the country was engulfed in a devastating rebel war. Over seventy-five thousand people were killed and countless numbers received catastrophic injuries. One million people were made refugees.

The war damaged most of the country’s infrastructure and destroyed over 1,200 primary schools. More than 300,000 children were left orphaned.


Since 2002, Sierra Leone has struggled to slowly rebuild it's economy and educational system.
And now the country has been hit with a deadly outbreak of the Ebola virus, killing over 3,500 people...


Who Are We And What Are We Trying To Do?      



give back to the children project founder Abdul Sesay


Give Back To The Children Project   (GBCP)  was founded by
Abdul Sesay
in 2007, to try to help the children of Sierra Leone.

Click here to read about Abdul’s miraculous and inspiring story:

...from orphaned child refugee, to professional soccer player, to American college graduate, to coach, to prime mover behind an American 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, dedicated to helping
the children of Africa...



Meet Abdul Sesay


Here is a short inspiring video about how GBCP

is helping kids

in Sierra Leone

A video showing GBCP in Africa



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GBCP is a growing grass-roots organization!

Our simple goal is to directly contribute computer technology, books, and basic classroom supplies from You, to the primary schools of Sierra Leone.

GBCP Sierra Leone flag


We need your help!


Most of us cannot understand how little the teachers of Sierra Leone have to work with.
For example: in many classrooms, three children must share one pen!


With this in mind, we are asking for donations of almost anything education related.

Our top goal is computer literacy, but even your donations of the most normal seeming everyday classroom supplies will be treasured in Sierra Leone.


      Please Donate:








  • Pens, pencils, markers, paints, chalk, crayons

  • Writing and computer paper, colored paper, tagboard

  • Children's books, text books, books of all kinds

  • School backpacks & lunch boxes

  • Old computers, monitors, laptops, printers

  • Old computer software, manuals, tutorials

  • Misc computer cords, adapters, accessories, supplies

  • Old radios, games, electronics, pc games

  • Your tax deductible contributions by credit or debit card, or check

Click Here To Contribute

Donations are easy using PayPal

Pickup of Donations: We can arrange to pickup donations in the greater Los Angeles Area.

Teachers: We will take anything you have when you're clearing out your classroom!

Call Us!




Thank You So Much For Your Help!

Your contribution will make a real difference

in the life of a child you will never know.




GBCP kids studying in the classroom

     Education not Strife

     Because all children

     deserve their


Child soldiers of the civil war
  Baby with soccer ball  





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